Priser för plastikkirurgi i Thailand

At Destination Beauty, we’ve hooked up with the top hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand as well as in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to help Australians and other international clients have access to healthcare services that are world-class and reasonably priced and we’ve done our best to list some of the most common Plastic Surgery Costs in Bangkok Thailand here for you. And when we say reasonably priced, it means that you get real savings of up to 70% on actual medical costs!

Priser för plastikkirurgi i Bangkok, Thailand

It’s true. You can have facial surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck nose job and other plastic surgery procedures – as well as other medical treatments – for a fraction of the price that your hospitals and clinics back home offer. More than that, we quote you cosmetic surgery prices that are as straightforward as it gets – no fine prints, no hidden charges, no marketing traps. What’s written down is what you pay for and in most cases, this already includes fees for:

  • Surgical procedure
  • Operating room
  • Nursing service
  • Operating equipment
  • Medication
  • Surgeon and Anesthesiologist
  • Post-surgery check-up
  • Accommodation in a single private hospital room

Get in touch with us now to know more about our FREE comprehensive services as well as about our partner surgeons and hospitals.

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When you fill out the form on this page, call (+61) (02) 8006 2040, or email, we’ll immediately get back to you to answer your questions and give you more information about the procedure you want and your other concerns. When you’re good to proceed, we’ll set you up for a consultation from home with a real Thai surgeon.

When you do decide to book your procedure with us and fly over, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a worry-free and most enjoyable experience. We’ll advise you regarding travel and accommodations, which many of our clients who are first-time visitors to this neck of the woods find truly helpful. When you arrive in Bangkok, or Phuket, or Kuala Lumpur, our friendly and efficient representatives will be ready to help you with all your needs. We’ll be your personal guide and coordinators. We’ll make sure that your schedules with your surgeon and the hospital are kept and we’ll monitor the progress of your procedure. And even after you’re done with your operation, we’ll just be on standby in case you need anything to help you be more relaxed and comfortable.

So along with the huge savings you’ll get by booking at one of our partner hospitals, remember that our services come at NO EXTRA COST ON YOUR PART! So contact us now and let’s help you get started!

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